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In Penang and Ipoh
Top: Juice won Reserve Best in Group in 2017 a MKA (Malaysian Kennel Association) at 3 years old. Handler is Raymond Chok.
Left: Summer won 1st Place in Novice RallyO in April 2018 at MKA Dog Sports. Handled by Sue Yeap.
Sue Yeap owns Rightroyale Kennel. The name RIGHTROYALE is only an identity registered with the Malaysian Kennel Association. Sue is a Life Member of TheMalaysian Kennel Association since 1980. She is founder member of The Penang Dog Agility Association ( established 2000). Sue has resigned from the club on 6 April 2018 and is no longer responsible for the club's activities.Retired from the corporate working life in 2015, Sue spends her days with her dogs doing what she loves; training her dogs in various dsiciplines Obedience, RallyO, Retrieving, Dog Tricks, Scent Work and Agility. In her spare time she helps rehabitalate difficult dogs and senior dogs.

Sue's personal dogs inlcude: 1) 9 year old Dobermann, Mocha. 2)   3.5 year old Curly-Coated Retriever, Juice  3) 10 months old year old Mongrel dog, Summer. ( Milki, Autumn and Winter has been rehomed to loving homes in Simpang Ampat and Penang)

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