Our team of Specialists Dog Trainers offer :

1-1 training for your dog at your convenience at your home.
RM150-RM200 per visit up to 1.5hours- For Ipoh clients 

RM250-350 per visit - For Penang and KL clients.

Our Specialist Dog Trainers focus on house manners for puppies until adulthood. With the cooperation of the owners, a tailored training program can be developed to suit each family lifestyle.

We train big and small dogs, including All-Malaysian Dogs.

Call 012 4015882 for a free advise on toilet training and other behaviour issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, destructive habits.

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In memory of Kofi

( 2005-2015)

Sue Yeap's first Curly Coated Retriever, also the first in Malaysia.


" We were looking for an environment with fresh air, sunshine and other dogs of various breeds for Pinot to socialise with and found just the right recipe at Rightroyale! Sue, Tiger and June were able to help Pinot overcome some bad habits and helped us have Pinot neutered at their regular vet (we didn't even know how to get Pinot to calm down to get into the car, he is super hyper and excited!) Very thankful to this team of caring professional;s, Pinot is looking forward to his next stay"

-from Pinot's (Malinois) owner.


'Very responsible to owner and dog. Very patient with dog training. Toto is well cared for in the training place"

- from Toto's (Golden Retriever) owner


" A trusting and competent company for handling a big dog. The staffs are professionally trained. I'm very satisfied and will recommend this company to my friends"

- From Sky's (Akita) owner.


"After about 7 weeks of training, my dog did show good change in behaviour and better attitude. My dog has some problems with aggression and after the training, we were able to put a leash on him and a muzzle without worryiing he would suddenly attack us. Haru has become more responsive to commands and obedient. I would strongly recommend this training school to my friends and family. The trainers taught with patience and professionalism."

- from Haru (Shiba Inu) owner.

Coming soon, more feedback from  Rocky (Siberian Husky), DuoDuo (Samoyed), Tashi (GSD), Lara (Golden Retriever), Roxie (Rottweiler), Money (Malinois), Roxie (All-Malaysian), Oreo (French Bulldog) ......


"Visible improvements after training. Good service, including transportation. Patient trainers and friendly. Will bring my dogs again for boarding."

- From Joey and CoCo (All-Malaysian) owners.


 "I only trust you, June, with my dog."

- from Latte's (French Bulldog) owner.


"Sue, June and Tiger are passionate in training the Fur kid , they really put effort to train your pet to have a better habits. They will following up the training progress from time to time, ensure that our fur kid had improved on theirs behaviour. Donut had well trained at the place and enjoyed the moment at there"

- from Donut's (French Bulldog) owner.