Bred to Juice, Jasmine gave Sue two beautiful puppies Jewel and Jasper, born on 25 August 2019.

On 30 August, 2020, Jasmine went to stay with the Choy family in Malacca. Mr & Mrs Choy, with their daughters Leah and Adele.
Jasmine went to the Choy family to be a Service Dog to Adele, a 9 year-old special needs child.

Today 4 March 2021, after 6 months of training by Leah, assisted by Sue, Jasmine is fully part of the Choy's family.



Written by Mei, Leah and Adele's mum

Due to Adele’s existing seizures condition, we learnt about seizure dog and has been looking for one since 2019. Unfortunately, there is no such institution or centre that provides such facility to train a dog to be a seizure dog here in Malaysia. The closest country to our knowledge is Australia. We got connected with Ruth Bell who is a certified dog trainer and she connected us with Sue Yeap who is Jasmine’s owner and also a super kind and knowledgeable dog trainer.

Jasmine came into our lives August 2020. We call her the "human-dog" and that is because though she's a dog, she doesn't quite behave like one. She in fact behaves pretty much like you and I. She would sigh, sulk and throw tantrums when we leave her at home alone. On a positive note, she is very sensitive towards our feelings. After living with us for 6 months, we can proudly say that Jasmine is able to somewhat sense Adele’s seizures prior to each episode. She would go near Adele, sniff, leak and kiss Adele and would then come to either one of us. She is as though telling us to be on standby. Each time when Adele gets an episode, Jasmine would go into the down position and placed both her front legs on Adele. She would stay there quietly absorbing all the energies from Adele. Jasmine would occasionally lick Adele's fingers, body and face. There was this one occasion where Adele had her seizure around 7am in the morning. Jasmine stayed right next to Adele for a good 1 hour though we were trying to feed her. Mind you, Jasmine’s favourite thing in this world is food. But she loves Adele so much that would rather skip her breakfast.

I must applaud Leah for her perseverance and unconditional love for both Adele and Jasmine. She is cares and trains Jasmine so well with the help from Sue Yeap. She is persistent and would insist in only the best for both Jasmine and Adele. Leah may only be 12, but she knows her objective in life and that is to protect her sister in any circumstances.

With the presence of Jasmine in our lives, she has been the silent motivator to Adele. Adele is more motivated to crawl and is cheekier than ever. She is often bullying Jasmine by kicking and kissing Jasmine’s butt. Sometimes Jasmine would get so annoyed that she led out a big sigh. Our fervent hope is that more dogs can be trained to help children or adult who are special abled like Adele.

It is no longer a myth that a dog is a man best friend. As long as you are able to give the dog a conducive and loving environment to live in and with the right training, the dog will be able to get connected with you.

Faith is not about everything turning out okay. Faith is about being okay no matter how things turn out.


This is what Leah wrote about Jasmine.


Jasmine being our service dog has made quite a difference in our lives. She has created a strong bond with Adele as well as the rest of us. She has progressed a lot since she became an official part of our family on August 30 2020. It has been almost 7 months since then and she can now detect Adele’s silent seizure.  Silent seizures aren’t as deadly as the tonic-clonic seizures where Adele might go into a coma because she can’t breathe if she is not able to get out of the seizure for a long period of time. So silent seizures in short are minor seizures and they are very short.

Jasmine detects Adele’s silent seizures by smelling her and looking at me or my parents and about 1 to 2 minutes layer, Adele will get it. After Adele gets the big seizures Jasmine will lay down next to her for about 30 mins.

Adele got a tonic-clonic seizure at about 7 am in the morning once and I heard some shouting in my parents room and I went to see what happened and I saw all of them sitting up and I ran back to my room to get Jasmine and the medical kit ( we are training Jasmine to get the kit when she senses a seizure coming) I brought her to my parents room and asked her to go on the bed, every time Adele gets a big tonic clonic seizure she gets very tired and she will sleep for about 30 to 60 mins so while Adele was sleeping I put Jasmine next to Adele’s and we leave them alone. And at  about 10 am and Jasmine hasn’t gone to the toilet nor had her breakfast I took her leash to bring her out of the room but she didn’t want to leave Adele alone so she stayed there until about 11 am until Adele wakes up. After that they have a very strong bond and they cuddle with each other everyday on a mat.

Having a service dog for someone like Adele will surely benefit them. But I must say that having a dog in door is hard work. It requires huge responsibility because you need to clean it’s poo, feed them, play with them, shower them and of course give them love and lots of care and attention. But I am not complaining because I love my sister more than I love myself. So I will do anything and everything for her.