Mighty Dog Academy, PLT, in collaboration with Rightroyale Kennels

Mighty Dog Academy PLT is a Malaysian  Dog Training  Business, established in May 2022. The partners June Low and Tiger Chee are Specialist Dog Trainers. In collaboration with Sue Yeap, with 40+ years of dog training experience, the vision of Mighty Dog Academy is to be a trusted, professional company providing value-added training programs to dogs of all ages and all breeds. Dog Training programs include, Show Handling, Behavioural Modification, Manners Training, Training for Dog Sports Competition, Senior Dogs Rehab Program, Aggression Rehab program, Hydrotherapy for dogs with hip issues, Dog camps, Lifestyle Training.

Rightroyale Kennels (established 1980)

Sue Yeap joined the MKA(Malaysian Kennel Association) in 1980 with the prefix RIGHTROYALE'S. 

Sue showed Pomeranians, Miniature Poodles in her teens and moved to show a Standard Poodle, and a Afghan Hound in the years 1995-2000. Her first experience in entering Obedience Trials was with an All-Malaysian Dog named Harvey in 1991.

Throughout the years from 1995 to present, Sue has trained her own dogs for competitive dog sports: Obedience, Agility, Rally-Obedience and Dancing-with Dogs.


For the past 12 years, Sue focus on training other people's dogs for pet homes.  Her training involves behaviour modification, means teaching dogs good manners and how to live with the family as a member of the family.


New dog trainers often approach Sue for programs in teaching them how to prepare for competition in dog sports such as Obedience, Rally Obedience, Dances with Dogs, Aglity.

With over 40+ years of dog training experience, Sue hopes to teach future dog trainers who can make a living professionally.

Those interested in pursuing a career as a Dog Trainer, please see Rightroyale Dog Trainers AcademyInternship programs are available.


Contact Sue 0124015882.

Dog trainers

Tiger Chee is a talented Dog Trainer who specialises in preparing dogs for Dog Shows. Patience, creativiity, attention to details are are great attributes as a Dog Trainer. Tiger is learning to enhance his skills to include training dogs for dog sports such as Rally Obedience, Frisbee, Retrieving Tests. He has great passion to help dogs with hip issues, hence invested in building a swimming pool for dogs.

The swimming pool is open for booking.

8am to 9am OR 10am-11am.

Only SATURDAYS ( May to December 2022)

Contact Tiger: 0149060361

June Low has always wanted a career in Dog Training for a long time. With her own learnings and tertiary education in Psychology, she has upgraded her  dog training skills since joining Sue Yeap's Rightroyale's Academy For Dog Trainers. June is caring and always has the dogs best interests in her mind. June specialises in behavioural modification, manners training and show handling, She activiely competes in Rally-Obedience with her Curly ,Jasmine. Soon, her Labrador puppy Brandy, will begin a career in show and dog sports .


 June and Tiger make a great team and will be a strong force in the world of Dog Training, working together with vets and other dog trainers in Malaysia. One day, they may branch out to other parts of Asia.