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Ducks, like all other types of poultry, are a good source of protein, fat, iron, selenium, B vitamins, and zinc. Duck recipe is a novel and single sourceprotein recipe.The recipe comes with finely ground duck meat, meaty bone (natural source of glucosamine, calcium and collagen), duck liver, duckgizzards and a variety of vegetables and fruits to provide essentialantioxidants, Vitamins (especially A, C, E and K) and minerals.


    Duck, meaty duck bone (natural source of glucosamine), duck liver & gizzards, whole duck egg (shell included), water spinach, carrot, spinach, long beans, green beans, pumpkin, cabbage, papaya, guava, broccoli, garlic, chili, organic golden ground flaxseed, sprouts & microgreens.


    Coco & Joe BARF Duck recipe is highly recommended for dogs with serious skin issues. Switching to this single and novel protein recipe may help alleviate gastrointestinal upset and/or skin irritation. Start off your dog’s sensitive diet with this novel protein recipe for best results. You may introduce the rest of the recipes at a slow and comfortable pace eventually.

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