Coco & Joe BARF Proudly Present to you our NEW Golden Combo Recipe. 

Golden Combo Recipe is our high protein and low-fat recipe. HIGHLY recommended for
muscle building and weight gaining.

This recipe is a combination of 4 types of PAWSOME proteins, Beef, Quail, Duck, Mackerel Fish. 

Beef is a Red Meat and is rich in natural essential amino acids, vitamins and Minerals.
We balance it with Novel Protein, Quail & Duck.
And blend in Ocean Oily fish, Mackerel (A great source of Omega-3 fatty acids)

This combination will reduce the pro inflammatory effect of red meat while providing a complete and well-balanced nutritious diet for your dogs.

We are sure this recipe will give your dog a brand-new taste experience on BARFFFF ~ 

Let’s try it out.

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