Puppies most receptive learning stage are from 2 months to 12 months. They are easily patterned, learn fast and learn how to learn. 


What is meant by "patterned"?

Dogs by nature are habitual animals, so as puppies they learn quickly following a set pattern.


Learning fast.

Learning fast is good, this means also that puppies learn  good and bad equally fast. They don't know what is good or bad. Hence it is best to teach puppies good habits from a young age.


Puppy conditioning training can be from 4 weeks 6 weeks.


We are now offering

Puppy conditioning/ day care services training consist of

1. Heeling on loose leash

2. Good Eating Habits

4. Crate training

5. Whistle recall

6. Water  Play/ Swimming

7. Group socialization

8. Toilet Training